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3 Away Projects: Vince Montage to Release New Single “Light Switch” on Friday, March 3rd, 2023

Miami based artist Vince Montage will be releasing his debut single "Light Switch", on all major streaming platforms. Independent Artist, 16-year old Vince Montage is signed to 3 Away Projects and is set to continue his career on a high note. Drawing inspiration from music of old and new, Vince has been developing his sound and is ready to show it off on "Light Switch". When asked about his upcoming release Vince said “I’m excited to put this one out“. Emphasizing the idea of taking the dark times we all experience in life and “switching” them into something positive, the single serves as a testament of his deep musical abilities. A combination of melodic and upbeat pop/hip-hop, “Light Switch” features a catchy chorus, and a beat by Los Angeles based music producer, Mixx (@mixxproductions). Mixx commented ‘I’ve known Vince Montage for over 3 years and he is fire, the world needs to hear him!’ “Light Switch” marks the beginning of an era for Vince Montage, between his unique style and talent, the young artist is poised to become a major force in the music industry, with a debut that resonates with everyone that listens. Vince’s music is available on all platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and Tidal. His music video for “Light Switch” will also be released on YouTube today, Friday March 3rd at 11am. For more information on Vince Montage and "Light Switch," please visit At 3 Away Projects, we realize that artists dreams are just three contacts away, three bold moves away, or three dares away. The key is to take the courageous steps to move without fear! The firm focuses on discovering and developing unique talent, maximizing branding impact, and ensuring economic interests are protected. Together, with positivity, our collaboration of top industry leaders worldwide pursue excellence. Media Contact: Zane Campbell, Director 3 Away Projects

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